A Day in the Life of a Cabaniss Johnston Attorney

Jason W. BoboIt is hard to describe a day in the life of a Cabaniss Johnston attorney because there really are no “typical” days.  However, the one constant is that every day you are given the opportunity to work alongside attorneys who are leaders in their respective fields on a wide variety of matters.  Without question, my favorite thing about working at Cabaniss Johnston is the friendly and collegial work environment.

Jason W. Bobo

George L. Morris IVBefore I came to Cabaniss Johnston, I was convinced that all of the people who said that they liked their jobs were lying.  But, since I started working here in 2005, I have been one of those lucky people.  Cabaniss Johnston is a wonderful place to practice law.  I have the privilege of doing work for some fantastic clients on a wide variety of cases that are both interesting and challenging.  The best part, however, of working at Cabaniss Johnston is the amazing and diverse group of talented lawyers with whom I work.  After nearly ten years of practice, I still feel like I learn something new almost every day and I get to do it with a group of friends who challenge and support me.

George L. Morris, IV