Real Estate

The firm has a broad-based practice in real estate representing owners, developers, landlords, tenants, lenders and borrowers in real estate and related transactions. This work includes:

  • Sales and Acquisitions of Commercial Properties
  • Commercial Real Estate Loans and Other Transactions involving Letters of Credit and Interest-Rate Swaps
  • Mezzanine Financings
  • Real Estate Development, in particular Industrial and Warehouse Developments
  • Commercial Leasing of Retail, Office and Industrial Projects, Sale and Leaseback Transactions, Ground Leases and Synthetic Leasing
  • Zoning, Land-Use Planning and Compliance with Federal, State and other Local Laws associated with Real Estate
  • Statutory Construction-Type Liens
  • Mortgage Foreclosure Proceedings and State-Law Receiverships
  • Environmental Issues and Compliance Affecting Real Estate Projects
  • Americans with Disabilities Act Issues and Compliance Affecting Real Estate Projects

Timber Transactions

The firm has a specialized practice in timber transactions representing owners of timberland, lenders and businesses. This work includes:

  • Sales and Acquisitions of Timberland
  • Structuring, Negotiating and Documenting Disposals of Timber Involving Advance Payments under 631(b) Cutting Contracts
  • Structuring and Negotiating Outright Sales of Standing Timber, and Strategies to Avoid “Dealer” Status under the Tax Code
    Timber Tax Planning and Audit Controversies
  • Structuring Taxable Gift Transfers and Charitable Contributions of Timberland
  • Structuring Transfers of Timberland to Family Limited Partnerships
  • Long-Term Timber Leases
  • Special Environmental and Endangered Species Issues
  • Dispute Resolution and Equitable Divisions Arising from Co-Ownership of Timberland
  • Litigation of Tax and Non-Tax Disputes Associated with Timber Transactions and Ownership

Firm Contact: F. Gerald Burnett